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Frequently Asked Questions:

Safe Paint, Choosing a Safe Paint, What is ZERO VOC?

We use the highest quality safe paints and finishes and we are licensed and certified in the removal and abatement of lead paint.  You are in good hands with Superior Finishes, LLC. Safe and reliable.  Zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Interior Painting for a beautiful, durable, safe finish.

Can I paint my Aluminum Siding or Vinyl Siding?

YES! Some of our happiest customers are those who opted to paint their faded, weather beaten Aluminum or Vinyl Siding on their homes, sheds and garages. “We thought we would have to re-side the entire house at a huge cost, it was so ugly. Superior Finishes suggested that they could paint our existing siding vs replace it.  We did not even know that was possible!” – Jill A., Plainville, CT.

Can I paint my counters to look like granite? 

YES! As part of our comprehensive interior solutions, we offer paints with decorative textures and finishes that so closely resemble the real thing, only your painter will know! Complete with durable, long lasting top coats for years of granite, stone, or marble-like beauty in your home.

How much does it cost to paint a house? 

We would love to answer this question for you right now.  The reality is, we can’t.  And, anyone who quotes a flat rate fee online or over the phone may not have your best interests in mind.  Each residential or commercial painting project is different.  No two buildings are the same, even if they appear to be.  The good news is, we would love the opportunity to provide you with a price for painting your home or commercial property.  We are responsive, thorough, and work around your schedule. Call us today: 877-747-1418

Can I wash my walls once they are painted?

Superior Finishes uses the best painting products on the market, many of which come with a Lifetime Warranty and are long lasting and durable.  Sherwin Williams Duration Home® Paint for is available for Interior and Exterior applications.  In addition to Superior Finishes 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, Sherwin Williams stands behind their paint with an additional Lifetime Warranty.  Wash, scrub, scour, and wipe those walls! Your paint won’t budge.

What kind of preparation do I have to do to get ready for my house to be painted?

Our price includes “the works”, which means, you don’t have to do much of anything. We will handle the safe relocation, covering, and placement of your furniture, wall hangings, and window treatments.  We do ask that you gather up any small decorative items, and remove them if you are able. We will restore your furnishings, artwork and window treatments to their new and improved interior.

How do I choose the right color? 

We offer several tools for customer who are trying to decide on color.  Please check out these tools and resources offered by Sherwin Williams:

Video:  Why Color Matters

Online Color Selector, Color Visualizer, Snap Color, and Chip It Tools: COLOR TOOLS, and COLOR BASICS

What if I don’t like the color? 

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed is no laughing matter at Superior Finishes.  We stand behind these important words. Once you have chosen a painting contractor, color selection is the next important step.  We encourage you to take your time, look at samples, and even try a quart of paint in a room before making your decision.  In many cases, choosing the color is the longest phase of the project.  Some people have a clear vision from a room they have seen, a photo from magazine, or  a decorative piece within their home they would like to replicate on their walls. And, not everyone chooses the change their color. We can do color matching, if this is the case. Investing time in color selection and samples is a lot less expensive than repainting an entire room.

So you paint fences, decks, sheds, etc? 

We sure do! We perform power washing, staining, sealing and offer the best protective coatings for your shed, studio, fence, deck, porch or patio.

I’m worried about my furniture, shrubbery, or floors during the painting process.

We understand.  We are homeowners, too! Superior Finishes is meticulous when it comes to the proper preparation, drop cloth and covering of your interior and exterior belongings, including shrubbery, walkways, floors, and furniture. You will be amazed at the attention to detail we exercise when it comes to protecting your investment.

The porch railings and several areas of our home have rotting wood, do I have to fix that first? 

We are licensed contractors for Renovation, Repair and Painting. We have a Home Improvement Contractors License, and are properly insured, equipped, and capable of repairing any rotted wood or damaged interior or exterior elements of your property. We look forward to providing you with a complete finished project that will last for years.

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