Luxury Homes

Luxury Home Painting in CT:  Owners of luxury high end homes often have projects that require advanced staging, preparation, project management and industry knowledge that surpasses what a typical home may require.

Superior Finishes, LLC uses the most advanced painting techniques and premium quality paints. Only the very best.


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Click here to visit Sherwin Williams Homeowner page for information on color selection and to get ideas for your project.  Sherwin Williams offers the finest quality finishes that are right for your home. Get the finish that is exactly right for showcase property. Superior Finishes works closely with Sherwin Williams and has for decades because their products are the finest available on the market. With spacious interiors and exteriors you need the best paints and coatings to bring out the beauty in your home.

Contact us today, for a free consultation to discuss your home’s potential. Our consultation includes pricing estimates, a general timeline and scope of work that you can expect for your project. Your home was built beautiful – and Superior Finishes can bring out the exceptional elements of your home’s interior and exterior. It’s what we do. Call us or email us, today: 860.747.1418 or email: