Gallery 2 – Commercial

Our Work: Commercial Painting Contractors in CT

Gallery Two – Side by Side Comparison of Before and After for Mystic & Noank Library, Town of Middlebury, Town of Stratford, and “The Little Red School House” from Commercial Painting Contractors in CT – Superior Finishes, LLC.



Side by side and before and after comparisons really help showcase the quality of work you’ll receive when you choose Superior Finishes for your project. We work with many government, education, industrial, retail and commercial clients throughout the state of Connecticut and surrounding areas.

When it comes to renovations and updates, a quality paint job is one of the most cost effective and long lasting investments you can make for your business. First impressions matter and the appearance of your building sends a message.


Back in the day, if you had rust or rust stains, faded or chipping paint or a less than attractive entrance or lobby, it affected you, your employees and those who visited you.

Perhaps you only see UPS, FEDex, or other vendors and you think that your building’s appearance isn’t affecting revenue or your hiring process. Well, it is. Google and Bing now make it so that almost every phone number or address search brings up a street view image of your business.

Banks will see your business if you are looking for a line of credit. Potential customers will see your entrance, and if you’re on a corner they can see all around your building. Investors or buyers will see it without ever stepping outside their office or visiting your location. You have a showcase ad running on the internet every time someone inquires about your company through a search engine. Talented potential employees are looking at your building before submitting a resume. It’s not like the good old days of fax machines and postage stamps. Technology changed the way we do business, and how your building looks, matters.